Nothing fancy...just perl modules making objects out of HTML tags allowing for easy manipulation of web pages.

Discontinued 5/9/06 : This project was discontinued as as result of trying to augment it. I ended up making a module so robust it supports arbitrary tags with arbitrary attributes. As a result, all the HTML object modules were pointless...thus HTML Objects is no more. All that's left is a collection of utility modules I use...not worth packaging as a rrelease.

Below you'll find the new "" module. Enjoy. My next step will be to comment it. If you want the other modules (sessiono, err, date, etc), download v1.2.4 and pull 'em from there.

New Module: Page

HTML Object Versions:
  • Download v1.2.4
  • Download v1.2.3
  • Download v1.2.2
  • Download v1.2.1
  • Download v1.2.0
  • Download v1.1.9
  • Download v1.1.8
  • Download v1.1.7
  • Download v1.1.6
  • Download v1.1.5
  • Download v1.1.4
  • Download v1.1.3
  • Download v1.1.2
  • Download v1.1.1
  • Download v1.1.0
  • Download v1.0.9
  • Download v1.0.8